Friday, 27 September 2013

Day 270 - we are cleansed. xx

Friday 27th September

What do you do the day before your 16th birthday?  You bake 60 cupcakes for a charity event for MacMillan Cancer Support.  Well you do if you name is George Doubleday.  If I was any more proud I would burst.  The fact that my children do so much for charity has been a defining feature of their childhood.  George was born six weeks before his Gramps died of cancer and you just know he would be looking on with pride.  It was a lovely event held by Bev at Bay News and Gifts and very well supported. 

It has been a non-stop day though which starting very early paddling about in PJs and wellies cutting flowers for an arrangement for the event this afternoon.  I was continually distracted by water droplets suspended on spiders' webs.  Regular readers will know that I am a bit bonkers when it comes to spider's webs and once the frosts come I will be out and about very early with my camera. 

Flowers completed and finally dressed, the cake icing was underway.  I smiled as Pete and I lined up to take our instructions from George.  It is the right way round I feel.  Quietly and calming we all helped Head Chef complete his tasks and the results were stunning.  Then began the usual discussion about how they were to be transported. 

Safely delivered I headed off to Brodick to collect two ladies who wanted to attend the event and when we got to the flat it was already full of ladies chattering.  Lots of teas and coffees and stair climbing later and then back to Brodick to drop the ladies home.  Driving home it occurred to me that this is really what makes the world go round.  It is about people coming together to support an outstanding cause and having fun at the same time.  Pete and I have been talking of late about me giving up work completely so that I can devote all my time to working for charities.  It is not for now but it might well be for the future. 

It has been a damp and misty day on the island and I feel that we have all been cleansed by the mist as it drifts off the sea.  Yesterday I found out that my dear friends Mark and Russell who run Coast in the village are selling up with plans to leave the island.  I knew it was coming but it still stung a bit.  It is business as usual as the sale could take a while but it is a real case of rolling stones as they discover something and somewhere new to capture their imaginations.  Let us not dwell on them leaving the island at this stage.....

Tomorrow I get to write about George as he turns 16.  I had so many emails after I wrote my dedication to Harry as he turned 18 but you need to prepare yourself.  No one in our family is loved more than George and we are unanimous on that fact.  He holds an incredibly special place in all our hearts so get the tissues at the ready.  Tomorrow you will really get to know our George. 

Until tomorrow.  xx