Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 249 - I have waited 48 years for this. xx

Friday 6th September

I might have waited 48 years to sit in a convertible but it was worth the wait!  Bev's new little runner is very lovely and we looked very lovely driving through Brodick with the music blaring and the hair badly out of control.  Did we giggle....A full on mid life crisis moment and one to cherish always. 

Today started later than planned as I slept right through the sunrise but I gather I didn't miss anything so that is a bit of a relief.  I like waking early now but I think my body is just trying to keep up as it insisted on sleep this morning.  I was still up and writing by 8am so consider one body clock duly adjusted.  Now all we need is a glorious sunrise to capture for my rewilding challenge and this bohemian chick will be happy. 

Bev is a student on my meditation through writing course so we were well overdue a catch up on how it is all going.  She picked me up and off we went to lunch at the Douglas and it was as lovely as always.  After lunch we went bohemian shopping and had even more giggles.  I was telling my boys yesterday that I was going to have a bohemian mid life crisis and Max says 'but haven't you already had your midlife crisis?'  I laughed so much.....he is, of course, right as I am sure this is my four or fifth but who is counting?  It is a practice to be recommended and we now have a little group of us sharing the bohemian experience and it is so much fun. 

My 30 minutes of exercise was a walk back from the village along the beach as todays rewilding challenge was to find the biggest body of water and out our bare feet in it.  I can't think that they seriously meant the Clyde though as it was completely freezing.  But then it got more bearable to I kept my feet in the shallows and paddled the length of  the beach.  There were no happy hikers today as the temperature has dropped like a stone and the fleeces, scarves and wellies were out. As they all walked past me they looked at me as if I was nuts.  I smiled inside and out.  Once again, I had no pain and I felt completely relaxed and contented.  Contentment has a lot to do with happiness so I am doing the right thing here and I will continue with my bare feet interpretation of the world.  At lunch I get a text from Di who is at work and it is a photo of her sitting at her desk with bare feet!  I am not sure carpet makes the cut but the intention was there. 

Some of Scotland dropped to zero last night with morning frosts so I need to start being a bit more systematic about preparing my plants for winter.  All my herbs need cutting back still further and I need to dig out the garden fleece for the tunnel and get everything off the ground.  I get very grumpy if Jack Frost steals any of my plants and last winter my lavender crop was devastated and I was an unhappy little grower.  I think this weekend will be spent outside getting everything set up so that our friend can cope with it while she is house sitting and we are on holiday. 

The post out this morning was a bit of a giggle as well.  I was posting some mugwort down to Di for a sleep recipe she is testing and as I was bagging it up it occurred to me that it looked like 'weed.'  So if it doesn't make it down to Di and I get arrested you will all have to come and save me.  Then I put together my packets of lupin seeds and also a herbal soother for another friend who is struggling with sleep.  I could just turn my business into a sleep factory. 

My final member of the launch team for One soul many hearts has just sent through her bio so do check in later to see who it is.  That will be the team complete and I marvel at the diversity within the team.  It is something to be celebrated, I think.  Work is underway on my first ebook that I hope to sell at a very sensible price from the site.  I am also quite far on with my first online course that I hope to sell as well.  Neither of these products will be expensive and I hope people will consider them very good value for money.  I have done my homework in this area so I think my prices are competitive and should also allow for an inclusive strategy. 

So, it has been a good Friday and I have a strong sense that it will roll into a good weekend.  I now have bells on my wrist but Bev got to the feather earrings before I could so I am thinking of making my own and I want feathers in my hair.  I have also ordered my first long floral dress which I will, no doubt, have to take up by a foot because I am so short but we shall see.  Tiny little bohemian steps but important ones. 

Until tomorrow.  xx