Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day 185 - Paper lanterns and woven honeysuckle. xx

Thursday 4th July

Two birthdays to celebrate today.  The first is little Angus who you will remember is the hero of our Butterfly Tree fundraising campaign.  Angus lives on Arran and is 8 today.  Happy Birthday Angus.  George made his cake yesterday but I am still waiting for a picture to show you all.  Here, in Portsmouth, it is Megan's birthday and she is 15 years old.  I have known Megan her whole life and she is simply adorable.  She is a very talented artist and she has kindly let me photo some of her portfolio to share with you all on future posts.

I have been tidying up Donna's garden in anticipation of six teenagers having a birthday BBQ this evening.  Her garden is a typical terraced house garden laid to paving and decking.  They like their garden on the wild side so I just cut a few things back and pulled out most of the weeds.  They have a super honeysuckle just coming into flower and it is right next to their lovely table and chairs.  While midst tidying up I had the idea of extending the honeysuckle into the celebrations for this evening.  Cutting a couple of lengths I then wove in some flowering lavender before attaching the whole thing to the upright in the sun umbrella.  A couple of paper lanterns later and I was quite pleased with it.

However small your garden it is lovely to have a seating area that is a bit more intimate and private.  I can see Donna making good use of this area during the summer and if I lived here that is where I would write and sew.  All we need now is for it to stay dry.

My days in Portsmouth are coming to an end as I am on the early flight home on Saturday.  I do hope I have been of some use to lovely little family but only time will tell.  Pete seems to be doing an excellent job at home keeping all the troops on schedule and he even managed to create a large bouquet today for an order. Well done Pete.  I can't wait to see what is happening in my poly tunnel.  I am not usually away at this time of year as there is so much going on in the tunnel but I know it is in safe hands with my mother.  No doubt there will be lots to do when I am back on the island but I refuse to be overwhelmed by that.  It will just be lovely to be back home with my family and then I will take it from there.

I managed a skype call with Molly last night who is now settled in on the Isle of Eigg.  The view from her window would cause a fairly major 'stop and stare' moment let alone the rest of the island.  Molly has an amazing ability to settle in quickly wherever she goes and get on with her new routine.  She has a very long walk round most of the island yesterday and was then taken to see a Hen Harrier's nest which is, of course, a real privilege.  Molly tells me that she is a little overwhelmed at just how beautiful Eigg is so I am so looking forward to my trip.  She has warned me that it is a bit of a expedition to get there but I am quite sure it will be worth it.

Thank you once again to all of you who emailed me with the issues facing your children who are going through a transitional time in their lives.  My thoughts are beginning to come together on this and I will let you know how I get on with this later in the year.  My immediate focus is my trip to Eigg and a couple of other articles that I have promised and then the focus with shift to One soul many hearts for the remainder of the summer.

So, lots to do, but first it is a BBQ with teenagers to navigate through.  Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow.  xx