Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day 240 - kindness all wrapped up. xx

Wednesday 28th August

There is so much kindness in the world and it makes living a joy.  I have just spent almost two hours replying to all the kind messages that came in following my soulful spirit post yesterday.  Death is not an easy subject to write about and not one I had anticipated writing about during this year long project.  It has been impossible to avoid with two tragic deaths in as many weeks so I tackled the subject with some trepidation.  It would appear, from the feedback, that my words were welcomed and helpful so I am, of course, relieved and pleased both at the same time.  Paul's candle remained lit all day and well into the night.  In the darkness it looked truly beautiful and I can't help thinking that rather captured his soul. 

The kindness continues as pieces of writings are coming in for the launch of one soul many hearts.  Not only is it kind of you to share your stories but many of you are kind in your words for me.  They are really not necessary as I consider it a privilege to be the editor of a site that hopes to share all that is good and positive in the world.  I am working hard at promoting the site and about to enter the world of squidoo which is already proving an interesting experience as I grapple with their software.  I am quite sure everyone else manages quite well but sometimes my brain just can't compute.  With a good dollop of determination I am almost ready to publish and will post the link here.  I do wonder if I might ask a favour?  The best way to promote this new site is one email link at a time that is targeted to friends or family who you believe will appreciate what we are trying to do.  If every one of you could send such an email the site might get more readers once it launches and I might get more people willing to share their experiences and/or creativity. 

And still more kindness......

The kindness came wrapped up in cushions this morning when Me Postman delivered two wonderful butterfly cushions handmade by the lovely Di.  The larger one is for a raffle prize at our final fundraising event for the butterfly tree charity and the smaller one is a gift for me.  I am not sure Di's kindness knows any boundaries and I am most certainly blessed to have her back in my life.  There was a little tear shed for this kindness before the maker in me starting looking closely to see what stitches she had used on the detailing!  Thank you so much Di and my little cushion will be going in my little studio.

So with all this kindness a girl can not help but be lifted and for that I will be eternally grateful.  Even last night when I was tired and feeling a bit emotional a brilliant facebook banter broke out with two of my old school friends and I giggled my way through the rest of the evening.  Paul and I used to laugh so much so it was a very fitting end to a day that blessed him as he takes his next journey. 

I worked my way through yesterday because that was the only way I knew how to cope and, as a result, got much done.  I have begun the huge task of creating a Pinterest board of my favourite photographs from the Scottish island project.  I am only back to the beginning of July but take a look and see what you think.  The point of the board is for it to act as a memory board that we can all visit from time to remind us of the year with Scottish island mum.  Pinterest will be a major feature on my new site one soul many hearts as this board will aim to share ideas, projects and inspiration that may be of use to the readers.  This board is also underway so have a look to see how it is shaping up.  This board will be changing constantly but the link will always be on the right menu of the home page. 

Moving forward my homework this week for my course with Waverly Fitzgerald is all bout seasonal wreaths so I am creating a piece that I can also share here.  Wreaths are my complete passion and as we start to prepare to launch whimsical wreaths they are in the front of my mind.  A timely homework and something I look forward to sharing. 

I am on my best behaviour at the moment because Molly's boyfriend, Scott, is visiting.  Need I say more?.......


Until tomorrow.  Xx