Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 232 - A very special moment in this project. xx

Tuesday 20th August

I am getting much better at this sabbatical thingy that I have going on.  I am spending so much more time writing as a result and I think my little ship has set a new course.  This morning I have been engaged in a range of writing tasks including -

  • my final draft of an article about the Isle of Eigg for Waverly Fitzgerald
  • responding to writings from two students currently studying my meditation through writing course
  • continuing to write my new course Mindfulness Gardening that begins in January 2014
I feel a growing sense of purpose about my writing as a clearer direction is emerging.  I think this will steer my little ship on a true and useful course.   I do like to be useful.

My thinking is being pricked rather by a return to research that I began some years back.  When we established our herb business I became fascinated in how the North American Indians use herbs both today and in their past.  I used their obvious knowledge to create the recipes that we still use in our dream pillow range.  Recently, I have found myself looking back to look forward with this research and today a second hand copy of American Indian Healing Arts arrived and I have had to be very disciplined.  It is sitting on the seat next to me begging to be opened but it will have to wait until I am further into my day. 

Today is a very special day for me because you guys all get to meet the lovely Di.  I have spoken about how this blog has rekindled a very close friendship between Di and myself and that will always be one of the greatest achievements of this project.  Di is unique and I know no one like her.  She is an intelligent soul that has discovered a humorous relationship with the world and this is infectious.  Di and I have worked together in the past and we are now working together and it is my personal dream team.  Of course, we can not say exactly how we are and will be working together as we have no worked that out yet.  We are hoping for some time together in the autumn for planning so I will update you all then.  Meantime here is Di's first piece which I know you will like.  As with all my guest bloggers do give us some feedback if you can because it always helps a writer's voice grow.

Purple is the new Pink..

I never really did DO pink probably a good thing really, as with my sports-mad boys and husband, all traces of pink are very quickly neutralised.
But then I can make a pretty good job of that too: nail varnish chips in seconds, coffee spills down new tops and passing, freak rain-showers reduce me to instant be-dragglement. Ive always been much more craft and garden, where nails hair and make-up have little place!

My sister tried to rally me to the pink cause when my niece was born, 6 months after my youngest son. She was followed by 2 nephews who love our blue house, and thunder in, whooping and whirling to rummage the car box and uncover the light-sabres. The pink aura was short-lived !
So, Blue is the colour I am long since resigned to never having the use of the TV controller, nor even having time to watch anything I might have, optimistically recorded for myself. Im completely at ease with amused, knowing nods between Dad and boys if I venture to suggest that I might make or do something crafty ! I spend my winter weekends wrapped up against cold and wet for football matches and training; and summer, well, ditto really just swap to  cricket pitches, punctuated by the occasional day when we all exclaim that this is more like it”… all the time with that running sub-title of Mum, could you just…” and whats for tea, Mum, Im starving?

Despite all this, small pinkisms have been allowed in, and are quietly thriving the first being my pink tool kit. This is a must have kit for mums like me just a couple of pink screwdrivers, pink pliers and a pink hammer but its AMAZING how they are always exactly where I left them when I need them ! To my amusement, MY kit is frequently borrowed, but always returned as lets face it, no self-respecting teenage boy wants to be found with a pink screw-driver in his possession!
So, with another winter evening of sport on TV looming probably Wheres-that United  v Somewhere on Sea , so I retreated with my Ipad and a glass of wine to my room. The national news was reporting that Arran had been hit by power cuts, and I was curious. Imagine my delight when I googled across Scottish Island Mum. From here I have re-connected with my dear friend, and seeds of pink, creative inspiration were re-established and sowed in my mind.

And the results of all this have made me take a bit of time for myself from time to time, and transformed that knowing eye-roll to an oh wow, Mum”… 2 nil the pinks, me thinks!
So heres my current recipe for sanity: Take a few moments of pink from time to time, stir it in well to all the blue, and you can achieve a rather lovely shade of purple!

Traditionally, my nieces birthday becomes the annual, whole family homage to pink an event to which the cousins are invited and expected,  and are subjected to as much pink, girliness as possible, my boys of course regard this as a form of abject torture!
However, all changed this year at age 10. Apparently pink just wont do”… Purple is the new pink, and pink is for losers

So with Dad on cricket duty and a frankly, glorious day, I had, for once, some time to myself to pot, plant and weed. Surrounded by bees buzzing, the scent from the Lavenders ( my favourites) , Wisteria (actually, thats a favourite too), Scabious and other (purple) bee-friendly flowers that Fiona has inspired me to add to my modest garden this year, and I realise that, actually, my niece is right                               

Purple IS the new pink !
Perfect Di, until tomorrow.  xx