Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 235 - the days are turning. xx

Friday 23rd August

There is a gentle breeze over the island today that is telling us that it is autumn.  The coolness and the slight dampness makes me think of autumn morning mists which I love.  I love how the mist sits just above the grass.  We were blessed last night with the most impressive orange full moon topped off with a lit up cruise ship sailing across the bay.  I would show you a picture but my camera is not capable of such things. 

Tomorrow is my final flower course for the summer season and then we shall be into flowers for Christmas and wreath making.  I can't say too much about the course because I know some of the people coming read my blog.  Suffice to say that it is an advanced course dealing with design led flower arrangements for special occasions.  It is quite testing but always incredibly rewarding.  I am continuing to harvest for the winter flowers and wreaths but the constant rain showers are not helping my task.  You should never harvest when the plants are wet otherwise they will rot during the drying process.  If your mint is flowering harvest that and hang it upside down in small bunches as these will be a lovely addition to your wreaths this year.  Scabious is a lovely flower and holds its shape and colour when drying so do harvest them if you have them. 

Scabious is my favourite wedding flowers as it is so robust.  Pete and I are working up our plans for the off season and hoping to more than treble flower production for next year.  I always said I would get back into weddings when I could supply the vast majority of the flowers myself.  When I lived in Derbyshire we did some lovely weddings and used a combination of our own farm flowers and blooms from the Sheffield flower market. 

I worked very closely with brides and grooms to design the flower plan and we used to make mood boards which was great fun.  I also ran bespoke flower schools for brides and their friends/family so that they could learn the necessary skills to do some of their own flowers.  This way I really got to know the bride well and that was always so useful in planning her day.  I used to giggle because on their first consultation they would say a colour for their flowers as that was usually as far as their thinking had gone.  By the end of the consultation this colour had been absorbed into a design concept and that usually featured in all areas of the day.  The concept might be 'elegant' or 'rustic' for example, but it really extended their thinking.  We also did wedding favours so we could tie those into the day.  I always think that it is the small touches that make the day personal and so special. 

So, I look forward to getting back into wedding flowers but I am also considering offering a flower service to local hotels and B&Bs during the tourist season and perhaps again around Christmas.  We shall have to see how many flowers I have got first and that might have to be for the following year. 

I am onto the final stage of design for my Christmas wreaths this year and this is always an exciting time.  It is especially exciting this year as we will be coppicing some of our own willow for bases.  We shall still have to buy some in but it is a start and that is important.  We will definitely have enough willow to make simple willow decorations and that is something we can all do. 

So it is a change in the season and a time to gather everything in that we need.  I am still harvesting and drying seeds and will post details of any excess seeds in due course in case any of you can use them.  We had a lovely walk with lots of dogs today to collect driftwood for the course tomorrow.  Let us see what the girls make of their challenge tomorrow! 

Can I just say a huge thank you to Clare.  Clare is a student on my meditation through writing course and she made us a beautiful beaded butterfly for our end of campaign raffle.  We are really touched Clare, thank you so much.  I also want to announce that the lovely Di is joining the writing team on One soul many hearts and she is also taking on some editorial duties.  So our wings are spreading.....

Until tomorrow. Xx