Thursday, 16 May 2013

Day 136 - A mushy brain as usual.

Thursday 16th May

We have so much sunshine but I do hope we aren't taking it away from anybody else?  It is still quite chilly but how lovely to have two days in a row of sunshine. 

It has been a very home school orientated day but lots has been achieved.  My brain has, of course, turned to mush after switching between otters in the Hebrides and the skeleton.  George and Max have caught up with the series Hebrides - on the edge and have spent some time today doing their own thing as a result of the programmes.  For George that is listing all the animals featured thus far and comparing some facts such as lifespan.  That is how George's mind works so his head went down and he didn't stop until the task was done.  Max prefers to take one animal and drill down to find out more information.  This really illustrates how fortunate we are to be able to respond to the different learning styles.  They might be brothers but they learn very differently and we have been able to ensure they can follow their own learning paths. 

We also took a little pause in proceedings to sort through their trays which get a bit clogged up with finished work.  It is always such a joy to see them react to work that they finished a while back as they are often really proud of their efforts.  There is no unfinished work in our school. 

Harry is onto the final stages of his diploma where it is about the different body systems.  He will have the advantage of a memory but I keep him company in bits of it so he can then see that we are still engaged with his studies.  Distance learning can be a lonely option if you are not careful.  Harry is working part time now so we are fitting his studies around that and it seems to be working well.  A 17 year old lad needs money!  Driving lessons are next on the agenda.  In case you are wondering you can take you practical driving test on Arran which is not a bad option since traffic is light, there are no roundabouts or traffic lights!  We do have hills though making the hill start a real test.  Molly is learning in the city of Lincoln but seems to be managing fine. 

Molly's exams seem to be going well and she only has two left and then Pete goes to collect her and all her dirty laundry! She is not with us for much of the summer as she is away on professional placements so we will have to fit in as many tea and cake stops as possible!  It is hard to believe that she is almost through year 2 and only one year to go. 

My niece, Helen, has just been round and I am thrilled that she is going to help with the Butterfly Tree fundraising campaign.  It needs all the young people it can get.  She has gone off armed with blank flags to make for the children in Zambia to add to our growing collection.  What a star. 

Bookings for Butterfly Tea parties are starting to come in so the campaign continues to move forward.  We haven't found time to count the pennies yet but hope to do it tomorrow.  I will keep you posted.  The collecting in vintage tea cups is working well though with lots of full cups already.  Such a simple idea but it really works.  I still have spare cups here if you would like one to collect loose change in.  Very happy to post.

I am on a bit of a waiting list for the writer's retreat in the Hebrides that I talked about yesterday but I am hopeful of a place.  I am not surprised it is so popular.  I have done some more reading from the Earthlines publications and this girl is impressed.  I will really need to step up my game but it will be good for me.

A few more people have contacted me about contributing to One Soul, many hearts and all with really interesting proposals.  The site continues to take shape.  I am trying to decide on a way to mark its launch later in the year so if any of you have any ideas please message me.  I want the focus to be virtual for obvious reasons. 

So a real catch up day today but I have not made it out to the tunnel yet so must dash.

Until tomorrow. xx