Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 83 - getting a bit serious now.

Sunday 24th march

The wind continues to blast us from the east and still we have no power.  I can hear helicopters overhead as teams of electricians are moved around the island.  We have teams all over the island attempting to restore power.  I won't pretend that it is not pretty grim. 

Molly arrived safely last night so all my family are in one place and I feel calmer.  We played cards together before going to bed early.  Hot food is available at various locations around the island but I can't really venture out now.  A lovely chap just bought me some fresh milk as the Co-op has a generator and can trade as best it can.  The ferries are managing to keep going.  The latest from the hydro board is it could be days yet.  The high winds are preventing the workers to where they need to be.  I understand that the mainland has power restored now so it is just Arran to go. 

I don't dwell on my health because that is about the worst thing I could do.  However, this cold is taking its toll on me and my movement is now badly restricted and I am cross.  Do I sound cross?  There are people much worse off than me but thankfully there is plenty of help around.  The people of Arran are made of strong stuff and I am sure the little island will turn right side up again soon.  There will be such a power surge from Arran when electricity is restored that we will probably trip the power to all of your homes! 

Of course, sometimes you have to be tested like this to appreciate what we have all at a flick of a switch.  It is far too easy to take it all for granted until it isn't there and lives began to unravel very quickly.  We really do live pampered lives. 

I am keeping moving therefore my blog posts are short.  I risk not being able to get up if I sit too long.  I am not sure how the hours pass but they do.  I am inventing things to do though.  We are all longing for a hot shower having all washed our hair in cold water.  Not something to be recommended.  Despite the ferry running I think we all feel a bit cut off.  I think if I could have prepared for this time I would have coped better.  I would have thought through some issues and planned things to be done that do not require electricity.  So now I am rather making it up as I go along. 

We shall see what tomorrow brings.  Xx