Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Day 65 - Is it possible to die in a sauna?

Wedensday 6th March

A far gentler day was required after the efforts of yesterday.  I had a predictably bad night and probably took more pain killers than I should have but no matter.  It was lovely to see our work from yesterday and I couldn't resist trying to beat the weather and running around with wood preservative for anything that sat still too long.  Rex, our collie, has a fine streak along his back.  The day stayed dry and so it was the right thing to do today but I am quite sure the next few days will be very wet. 

It is, however, arctic on Arran and it is a bit of a shock.  After my paint brush dashing it was time to make up more potted primroses for the village shop and condition the first of the flower order.  My larder is now looking a little like a flower shop.

It is so lovely to be working with flowers again.  I really had to tackle another huge pile of ironing today and listened to Pete teaching maths to Max and George.  Pete is a genius teacher at maths as he makes it instantly relevant.  I was taught maths in an abstract way and I never really got it.  The boys can handle quite complex maths well as Pete puts it into a problem for them to solve.  He then gets them to set problems for each other.  I was lost in the first few minutes.  The other thing that occurred to me was that Max and George are at the same level.  Max is over 2 years younger than George.  It just shows you what can be done with small groups and a great teacher.  Now Molly is managing maths in her degree and Harry got a distinction for his level 2 maths I am officially the worst in maths in my family.  I am also almost the shortest!

We all took off to the spa in the afternoon as the weather closed in.  Harry went off to the gym and the rest of us had a swim.  I managed my 20 lengths this week and then went off for a sauna.  I was on my own so I took the opportunity to do a short meditation.  I was aware the door had opened and people had shuffled in and then out.  I honestly think I almost fell asleep.  I might have expired in there if Pete hadn't come to see where I had got to.  Is it possible to die in a sauna?

Tomorrow sees the first flower arrangements being made for Mother's Day.  It is going to be a busy couple of days but I am sure it will be worth it.  I am doing a bespoke design for Mark and Russell in Coast and  I keep changing my mind on what to do.  Let us hope it all comes together in time for delivery Saturday morning.  Someone needs to remind me to take a photo!

It rather feels like the calm before the storm and not just for the weather.  It was bold or stupid of me to put my first flower school of the year on the Saturday before Mother's Day.  I am quite good under pressure though and thankfully I have trained my boys in flower conditioning.  Good move Fiona. 

A couple of my friends no longer have their mothers and I do think of them on Mothering Sunday.  I have written a prayer for them to be read at the temple at 6am service.  I miss my Buddhist studies already but have agreed with my teacher to take the additional year after a year out.  It might save my sanity.  Something needs to.....

Until tomorrow. xx