Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 58 - Fiona goes pop and that is never a surprise.

Wednesday 27th February

Not such a glorious day, at least in Whiting Bay because the shroud of mist didn't lift all day.  Brodick was a different story as the mist had retreated enough for some blue sky.  It never fails to amaze me just how 'local' the weather can be on the island.  I am hopeful for a better day tomorrow because I miss my sunshine. 

Despite the chilly mist I went about fitting out my new studio with my usual enthusiasm and began by painting the rustic planks of wood that we are reclaiming for shelving.  While waiting for them to dry I dashed about like a woman possessed picking up all sorts of bits and pieces that 'would just be perfect for my studio.' 

Lots of trial and error but I ended up putting things in that have some sentimental meaning to me. Pride of place went my dad's easel which will act as a stand for my notice board.  I miss my dad every day and to have something of his with me seemed vitally important.  He was a painter and a writer so I am relying on his inspiration. 

Once I had started including things with personal meaning the fit out became a much easier job and things just found their way into the space.  Pinned to the back wall is a painting that my soul sister Donna did for one of our new homes along the way.  My studio feels like home so it was only right that her picture joined me.

I almost disappeared under stuff as I emerged from the house with a renewed sense of determination.  Although no day bed has appeared and the shelves never looked like drying today, the rest was obvious.  In went a desk which belongs to Pete and he has refused to get rid of it and now we know why.  On the desk appeared a very old pencil box that I found at a car boot sale and loved instantly.

In the corner appeared a Victorian school desk that I picked up at another car boot sale and could never part with and to my delight essential tea making equipment perched on top.  Apart from keeping my own tea levels topped up I do hope to run small bespoke courses in my studio and tea and cake is an absolute must. 

I have made a huge sacrifice today and moved my beloved blanket box from my bedroom into the studio.  Regular readers will know that my Grandma made wonderful blankets and I store them in this box when they are not in use.  But the box doubles as a seat so you will understand my logic.  Now all I have to do is decide which blanket will make it through the doors. 

The vintage looking suitcase is not what it seems.  It came as part of a hamper Christmas present to my mother and her partner and it snuck through the door when I wasn't looking.  Clever suitcase.  Despite the fit out being incomplete I couldn't resist pinning some of my inspirations to the walls.  I am a vintage girl at heart.  I especially love the 1940s and 1950s and this greeting card has pride of place on my wall and I suspect it will stay there for evermore.

My pegs on my pin board and peg bag hanging from the ceiling meant that I had the perfect excuse to put my new cushion on my seat. Never has a girl been so excited about a cushion going on a seat.

So plenty still left to do tomorrow and the next day and so on....
The plan is to fit it out just as it needs to be before then spending some long afternoons making art and craft to decorate the space.  I will then do a complete photographic journal of this work in situ and, no doubt, feel very pleased indeed.  The measure so far is quite simple.  A thing can stay if I feel the sense of peace is preserved.  So far so good.  This space will say so much about me that it will tell a story all by itself and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I actually thought I was going to 'pop' today with all the excitement.

Until tomorrow. xx