Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 52 - a sneek preview and a cocoon for Fiona.

Thursday 21st February

What an absolutely glorious day on our little island. When the sun shines Arran sparkles and I am quite sure you could see us from space. Regular readers will know that meant a dash down the beach to photograph some of the Mother's Day collection due for release at the end of this week. Talk about cutting it fine! No matter, the job is done and you can see the previews at the top of this blog. So at With Love from Arran we are officially off and running for another season. I can feel it in my waters that this will be our best one yet.....

Eating marmite toast while typing might not be the best idea I have ever had.

For our Mother's Day this year we have focused on vintage meets bespoke. An old vintage curtain has been transformed into lavender bags, dream pillows and head and eye soothers and we have contrasted that with one off scarves, cushion covers and make up bags. The bespoke pieces have all been handmade using velvet and velour fabric, opulent colours and ribbon and beaded detail. This is very much a limited collection and I am sure the mothers who get these pieces will feel very special indeed. All our pieces will be listed on our facebook page and our With Love from Arran website by the beginning of next week. When they are gone they are gone!

The sun might be shinning but it remains cold. I am hopeful for another hard frost because I want to do a photographic portfolio of spider webs. The one that I posted on blipfoto has received some lovely feedback. All this with my phone camera at the moment but my new camera should be with me soon. From these photographs I am going to create an original pattern to use on a mixed media piece that is brewing in the back of my mind. From a handpainted silk base I want to create the web using silk threads and beads but through an abstract view finder. I will no doubt blog the stages and I think I am going to transfer the project into home school as well. Max and George have fabulous imaginations and they can both paint silk, sew and bead. As pieces of art I hope they will draw a line under winter and welcome spring.

Harry and I have hit a boring module in his diploma in health and fitness so we are charging through it as fast as possible. He knows all the information already so it is a bit of a waste of time. He is about to go onto a module on the effects of alcohol and drugs on sporting performance. This is far more interesting and it is also an area that he might want to focus on in his career. Harry remains focused on his studies and he will complete the qualification on time and with some excellent feedback. I am not sure we can ask for more than that. We caught up with Molly on Skype last night and was quite lifted when I realised she will be home in a month. How fabulous is that?

I have booked my cocoon on the Isle of Eigg for the end of July. Do click on the link because you must see them as they are wonderful constructions. Complete with wifi I will be able to write up notes and blog to you all from a truly magical place. My focus is community projects as this little group of people have achieved so much that is worthy of sharing. They have created a way of living that is sustainable and, I am sure, brings great happiness. Using my writing the aim is to 'bottle' some of it and see if our bigger island can learn from their ventures. I already know the answer to that! I hope to tell their stories in a way that we can all take something from them and adapt it to make our lives richer. I may, of course, never leave the island!

Yesterday evening I successfully started my two adorable nieces off on embroidery and knitting projects. They both did so well and we chatted while we worked in front of the open fire. I am not sure it gets much better than that. I will be a teacher until my last gasp and I am always thrilled to see skills being passed across to a new generation. I am rushing to finish my early blog because there will be a knock at the door soon and two little faces will appear clutching their sewing and knitting ready for our next session.

I heard from a friend in Derbyshire today that she too is getting wonderful weather so I do hope you are getting your share of it. Until tomorrow. xx