Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 41 - I am off to take a peek.

Sunday 10th February

I do like a game of rugby but I can't be anything but disappointed with the England versus Ireland match. Far too many school boy errors for international rugby and so I started my blog while keeping one eye on the match. It isn't rugby unless that ball touches over the line and all these penalties are just annoying.

Really wet and cold on Arran today but I do have some good news as my potted on lavenders appear to have survived the moving home process and are now doing well. I think this will be a lavender year on Hazelbank. We have 170 willow cuttings arriving this week so it is a big push to clear the rest of the land. I have gone for lovely winter colours so we should have some stunning wreaths later in the year.

We have had one of those days when it was more than necessary to give the house a jolly good clean and tidy. That did, however, mean that the hoover was on for over an hour and we really struggled to find the kitten after that. She had a found a lovely space under my bed and was just not coming out. She is growing into a lovely cat but she does have some spirit. I think she will need that living here. We have an excellent house sitter organised for when we are all away in September so I expect well trained animals on our return.

The boys all helped out with the house clean for some pennies for their latest project. England have just won but I am not sure they really have much to celebrate. We shall see on that one. George has now disappeared into the kitchen which means something wonderful will emerge in due course. He really is the best baker in the world and this is a new recipe so we all have to leave him to it. He won't welcome his mother looking at what he is doing. As a family we are big bread bakers. In the winter the ferry doesn't always sail so you need to be able to make bread on Arran.

I have another bible for you. A Slice of Organic Life is a wonderful book for those of you wanting to live a more sustainbale life. I like to produce as much food as I can so I know what my children are eating. The bread recipe in this book is fabulous as are the preserving recipes. The book takes you through a whole range of projects from fruit growing to making organic wine. You don't need to have 10 acres to respond to this book and that is what I like about it. It is well worth a look.

My 37 acts of kindness continues and I think this is going to stretch my thinking a bit. Good friends of ours are arriving back on the island after a lovely holiday. Pete has been looking after their business and Harry has been house sitting to take care of their dogs and alpacas. I left them a token of spring in their kitchen to welcome them back. It was such an easy thing to do and it would have come into my mind but then the day would have taken over and I wouldn't have got round to it. Thus, the acts of kindness challenge makes me create time and I think there lies its beauty.

The series Africa has just come on. I hope lots of people are watching it because it has been truly magical but also very important. You can't help but be ashamed of the human race from time to time but there is postive news as well. Molly wants to work in Africa and I am quite sure she will achieve this dream.

I am off to take a small peek on what George is up to because I can smell apples cooking. Wishing you all a positive week.

Until tomorrow xx

Picture is of a sleeping kitten who is very much part of the clan now. xx