Monday, 25 February 2013

Day 56 - hair like a bird's nest and photo to prove it.

Monday 25th February

What an absolutely glorious day on the island.  The sun glinted off the sea turning it sapphire blue and spring has most definitely sprung.

Home  school was a fairly rapid affair so that I could make the most of the sunshine.  That said, Max and George continued their studies on the European Union by asking what impact it has on world poverty.  I think that behind the question was probably the question 'what is the point?'  Armed with a relevant and timely question we began our investigations.  Evidence began to take shape supporting the work of the EU in what is a difficult area.  We broke the issue of poverty down into parts and then investigated how the EU has made a response to each part.  Some areas were more convincing than others but I think the boys understood the complex nature of the debate.  They very quickly realised that throwing money at developing countries was not necessary the answer.  George was the first to pick up the need for the native people to be fully involved in any developments in their country.  We looked at health, food, water and the environment and we have human rights and education to go. 

It is when we are locked into such discussions that I realise how much the boys now know about the world in which they live.  My understanding at their age was pitiful by comparison and I do think home school has allowed us to focus on understanding the complexities of the modern world and their place in it.  When we were looking at a video clip of a charity working in an African country I suggested to Max that he would be good in that sort of role.  Max is a people person.  People fascinate him and he has the biggest heart in the world.  He nodded agreement and asked that we might find out more about the work of international charities.  This might be a beginning....

Harry successfully completed assignment 5 and emailed it off.  We are leaving drugs in sport behind and moving onto injuries.  Looking ahead I can see body systems coming up so we shall see how much I can remember and what has been lost in the years since my PE and dance degree.

Today a whole load of my handmade gifts went into the village shop so the mothers of Arran should be well catered for by the time my flowers go through next week.  I hope to write a piece on the village shop in Whiting Bay because it is quite something.  There is a community focused story there as well.

Speaking of stories....four of us Arran ladies are whipping up a lovely little story on facebook all about goats.  We are comparing notes on our goat experience and we have Assja tending goats in Switzerland in her youth, Lynn fighting them off at the local newspaper office and Angie and me talking about how lovely our skin would be if we made goats milk soap.  I do love a good chat on facebook and it is often the source of my tales.  I have yet to share my experience of walking our three goats in the far field.  I had one and my mother had the other two when suddenly mine took off down the hill.  I had no idea goats could move that fast.  Any sensible person would let go of the rope but I have never been sensible.  As I am dragged through the mud at a ridiculous speed I can hear my father shouting from the other field.  Eventually I could  make out what he was shouting and it referred to my red coat.  He told me to take it off because the goat didn't like red.  Really?  Well this no longer mattered because my coat was now a wonderful shade of muddy brown.  Once the little jaunt down the hill was over the goat starting grazing lifting its eyes to see why I was sat on the ground with a look that could quite easily kill on my face.  There haven't been goats on Hazelbank for many years and I do wonder why?

I have been feeling very guilty about my front cut flower border which was seriously overgrown and neglected. I knew there were spring bulbs under there but they stood no chance.  We grow grass very well on Arran and if we don't keep an eye on it it invades everywhere.  Today was the day my guilt vanished as I tackled the border.  Lots of huffing and puffing and a pretty red glow to my face.  It was pure joy when Harry shouted out the window 'are you getting a bit hot mum?'  I shot him a look that said all I wanted to say and staggered off to the compost bin.  I have uncovered lots of daffodils, crocuses and grape hyacinths so it was an hour well spent. 

Giant cup of tea in hand I snuck round to my new studio to catch the late afternoon sun.

I think I will sit on my little porch often.  I have trained in meditation and it is a perfect spot for that.  Of course Lottie had to attempt to block out the sun......

I finally figured out how to take a picture of myself with my phone.  Hours have been wasted in the past trying to do what was so glaringly obvious today!  Here we are then make up free, post sweaty glow and hair looking like a bird's nest.  Lovely!!

I won't need to use that particular phone function again.

Pottering about in the tunnel I get so excited about all the new growth.  Max's mint I mentioned last week continues to shine the brightest.

I do find myself chatting away to the plants and the dogs give me strange looks.  I like strange.  Tomorrow the studio will get the last of the painting and then we start the fit out.  I can't do diagrams because that bit of my brain doesn't work so I found myself lying on the floor just to check that I can get a day bed in there.  As I lay on the floor I did think 'bonkers'.

Until tomorrow. xx