Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day 45 - a day when plates started to fall but I talk chocolate.

Thursday 14th February

We awoke to sunshine on the island and the light is getting through earlier and earlier. That is very pleasing indeed. There is still lots going on and I am beginning to drop some of my spinning plates. I heard Max say to his brother 'you better get organised because mummy has a lot to do'. O'h dear, I fear I may be a bit grumpy but nothing like a remark from your child to bring you back to earth with a bump. So I have left the grumpy version of me outside and I just made a list of what I need to get finished. Between you and me I am not sure I feel any better now that I see it in black and white.

The pressure is probably because I am have a little jolly from Saturday to Tuesday down to Hereford and I know certain things should be finished before I go. That said, if they are not the world won't stop so I should try and remember that. The lovely feedback on my blog keeps coming in and it quite brightens my day. When I mention an individual or business on a post I always send them a link. As I mentioned the Douglas Hotel I sent them a link last night and I have had a lovely reply for which I am most grateful. They have also been kind enough to tweet the link and put it on their facebook page.

The focus of this blog is clearly my life on Arran but I do hope that I am also flag waving for this beautiful island. It might not be right for everyone as a place to live but I am sure that you would all enjoy a visit. I am planning to produce an ebook when I complete this project where I include 14 'postcards from Arran' similar to the one I have already produced. A two week holiday on the island would be a real escape and I hope the ebook will be downloaded and become the travelling companion of some of you who can't resist a little visit. Yet another example of an outcome that I couldn't have predicted when I started this project. Love that!

In home school we have finally laid Richard III to rest. He is quite cosy now and we have decided that we rather liked him. The end of the channel 4 documentary shows the reconstructed face of the king and that was quite a moment. It is one thing to see a pile of bones in the shape of a skeleton but quite another to see the face. So, right at the end of the programme all three of us took a sharp breath in and I knew, in that moment, we all understood what this excavation has achieved. It has been a wonderful little diversion from the European Union studies but we were happy to put it back in its box. Before we did the boys did a likeness sketch from the reconstructed face because I know that this will imprint the man in their minds. I am not sure any of us will forget him now.

Harry and I then completed his fourth assignment for his diploma in health andd fitness. He also received excellent feedback from his tutor on the first three assignments. Today Harry had to plan a fitness session so I really left him to it. He planned a very detailed weight training session that just demonstrated exactly how much he has learned so far. The problem I have with Harry is that he doesn't know how good he is. He has such a broad knowlege and skill base but I think he will only fuly realise that when he is a little older.

Determined to squeeze in some sewing I have finished the first batch of products made from that 1970s curtain that I showed you earlier in the week. The pictures have to be at the top of the post because blogger has changed its formatting and now we all have to work out what they have done! This 1970s curtain has now become lavender bags, head and eye soothers and dream pillows. I always think yellow when I think of the spring so consider this curtain fabric to be a perfect offering for Mother's Day. I am hoping for a sunny day later next week so that I can photo the whole collection on the beach. Now I have said that we will probably get the snow that I have been so desperate for.

I have updated my gifts of kindenss page if you want to see what I have been up to. I have some serious plans brewing for later in this challenge. As you all know I like a challenge and this one is really making me think and that can only ever be a good thing.

I can't finish a post on Valentine's day without mentioning one of my favourite businesses on the island. James of Arran make the most mind blowing chocolate you are ever likely to taste. They also package their products in innovative ways and I just love everything that they do. You can order their products online and I strongly suggest that you do! Of course when you visit our lovely island you will have the complete joy of walking into their shop. You may be in there a while. Every so often you walk into a shop and it is just perfect. You would change nothing and this is how I feel about James of Arran. I am going to do a little giveaway when I return from my jolly and the prize for the winner will be some of those fabulous chocolates. That is the plan anyway. Whether they ever make it to the post office is another matter....

Until tomorrow xx

Picture (at the top, annoyingly) is of my fire which I now go and sit in front of with my kitten so we can watch clips of other cats on Youtube. I know....I am truly bonkers! xx