Monday, 18 February 2013

Day 49 - pink cake & vintage sewing machines.

Monday 18th February

We have had such a lovely day in Hereford. It really is a lovely city and the cathedral is so very impressive. I love the peace that these placces create and Max and I wandered round in awe at the building, the ceiling and the stained glass windows. We managed a few minutes to light candles to remember my dad and the animals that are no longer with us. I have loved this trip with Max. He has shown the world what a beautiful person he is and he deserves the future I have no doubt he will have.

After the Cathedral we went for lunch with Bobby and her friend and the boys went off on their own for a while. I always have to remind Max that there is so much more information to take in in a place like Hereford than on Arran. Thus road crossing and the like need a bit more care. The boys did really well and enjoyed their little bit of freedom.

Lunch for us adults was an organic cafe and was very civilised indeed. I don't get much time like that in my life which is absolutely fine. However, when I do get it I always appreciate it. Home school means you have your children around you a lot more but that is surely part of the plan?

There followed a blissful hour in a local antique centre. I am so moving to Hereford because the antique prices are so low compared to other places I have visited. I could have bought another couple of sewing machines if I could have carried them back to Arran. Maybe another time.... you can never have too many sewing machines.

Temptation resisted we them embarked on a visit to the local garden centre and I was impressed all over again. A garden centre that actually grows its own plants....excellent. We armed Paula with some tumbling tomato and sweet pea seeds to get her underway and Will got a wild strawberry plant. I never miss an opportunity to spread the strawberry word! Paula has photographed her garden and I am going to put together a bit of a short and medium term plan for her so that she can dip her toe in the 'grow your own' passion and see how it feels.

Tomorrow Max and I head home and we have had the best couple of days thanks to Paula and Will. They will be visiting us soon so we can return the favour.

Until tomorrowxx

Photos at the top are just a few of the highlights. That pink and white cake was all mine!! xx