Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day 47 - Let me introduce yet another fabulous Arran lady....

Saturday 16th February

Max and I have arrived. It was Ok but I rarely travel in school holidays and now I remember why. Our train was late getting into Crewe giving us only two minutes to get the connection. My days of sprinting are so behind me that I have forgotten them so the sprint to the train was just agony and I thought I would drop dead on the station. But, no - I am with my lovely Paula and Max and her son, Will, are joined at the hip. Lovely.

To the main business of the day. Let me introduce you to Ruth. She is another fabulous Arran lady who makes the most lovely things. I can't seem to stop placing orders with her. I will let her tell her own story.

2011 was the starting point for my love of all things textile and hand-made. My husband bought me a gift of a 1 day rag rug course, having remembered my bleating on about it...and that was it, I was ‘hooked’ (pardon the pun!) Spending every night for months with my trusty proddy and as much fabric as I could find brought my retro owl rug into the world, and was a huge labour of love. Now he proudly graces the wall. It didn’t stop there! I bought more hessian online and made my second – an explosive red flower piece: which I am proud to say has since been on display at an exhibition at Brodick Castle. My third is in progress!
I can’t help but stare at my favourite pieces of chintz, gingham and polka dot imagining at what can be’s an addiction. The raggy circles (or memory wreaths) were born from an idea I had simply holding 3 of my favourite pieces of fabric next to each other, but knowing it would take time to ‘rug’ the circles were quickly created to feed my fetish, and take only a few hours to complete. Now I take commissions that can be sent anywhere, in colours of the recipients choice.
It doesn’t stop at rags & wreaths – inset pictures (12” or 6”) do exactly the same job, and display rosettes in such a way that you can ogle the fabric to your hearts content. Like-wise they can be commissioned too.
You’ll find me on facebook – in the midst of beading, felting, and drooling over pretty buttons. (So many ideas, so little time!) I’m not a commercialist – I’m simply inspired by a sheer love of textiles, and passionate about creating something unique...but what really matters to me is bringing that joy to someone else.

You can see more of her products on her facebook page and her etsy shop

Ruth has so much enthusiasm that anything she does would be a success but I have a feeling that her designs and work are destined for much more. We will catch up with her later in the year. Good luck with everything my lovely.

Until tomorrow. xx

Pictures show some of Ruth's lovely work. xx