Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Day 57 - toilet strawberries and sea blue chickens.

Tuesday 26th February

What an amazingly wonderful day.  The sun blessed us with its presence and I have finished painting the studio.

Not only that looked what arrived today......

The very lovely Angie from Sugar and Spice delivered them and I could not be more pleased.  I am quite fit to burst!  You may wonder why the peg bag and pegs?  I am going to use pegs to hang my cuttings off so that I will be surrounded by my inspirations.  I will be making matching curtains and some bunting as well.  We did so well to find this fabric with the sea blue background and the chickens - genius!

I am thrilled with the colours of the studio and tomorrow we begin the fit out.  I want my desk in first and then the day bed and space for a heater.  Then we shall see..... Over the next few weeks I am  going to be making bespoke pieces of art and crafts for the space and then the first sunny Saturday in April and I am having a tea party to officially open my little space.  I have decided on a name and I will be announcing it soon. 

I have been outside all day.  Apart from painting the studio floor and door I have been busy in the tunnel.  All my herb gardens have had a top dressing of fresh compost and feed and I have put together a spring container garden that visitors will see as they walk up the path.  Pete and the boys have been clearing that dump area I told you about.  Pete delivered a toilet to me that had been dumped and this is what I did with that...

We can't miss an opportunity to grow something.  I am not altogether sure about eating strawberries that have been grown in a toilet but I will cross that bridge when I come to it!  Speaking of strawberries I planted 3 alpine strawberry plants in a trough last year and today I made 34 plants out of them.  How fantastic is that?  All the runners had rooted so I now have lots of alpine strawberries to sell this year. 

Someone emailed me a fantastic job today on the Isle of Mull.  An arts promotion job with a very good salary and, in another life, perfect.  What was interesting though was the job description as it showed real vision.  I have stored it away and it is adding to my thinking about arts and crafts on Arran.  Lots to ponder at the moment. 

Harry passed his assignment, George is baking something with chocolate and Molly survived her first driving lesson.  Told you it was a good day.  The best thing was a wee chat I had with Max as he asked some more questions about international charity work.....told you it was a beginning.  I can spot beginnings at 50 paces. 

Speak tomorrow xx
PS Almost forgot to say (!) this little blog has just gone over 3000 page views.  How thrilled am I?  xx