Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 43 - It just screams 1970s.

Tuesday 12th February

It has tunrned really cold on our little island and it is another day when you can hear the power of the sea. I had a day off from home school with Max and George as their Dad took them for a science morning. I did work with Harry though as we are on our next assignment where he has to produce a training programme. It is an excellent course so far and Harry is learning lots of really useful stuff.

I am having to be very disciplined with my time now to fit everything in. I managed to fit in some machine sewing today but had to hide myself away from the kitten who wanted to have a go.

Difficult to see the fabric pattern in the photo as they are wrong side up. They will be ready for Mother's Day launch if it kills me. I found this as an old curtain in a charity shop and, once it was washed, I was delighted with it. It is true vintage fabric and some of you may remember it.....

It screams 1970s! My mum made me a duvet cover and curtains to match in the purple version and I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. I do love my sewing machine and I really should have taken a picture of it. It is truly vintage as well but it is in perfect working order as long as I speak nicely to it. We don't have the best track record with sewing machines in our family so I will say no more on that subject.

I absolutely have to get out to the tunnel every day now otherwise I will fall behind. I thought it was cold yesterday but today was just silly. Pete and the dogs were already out there as he is clearly the last of the ground for the willow. I can't believe we have done this before the willow has actually arrived. Normally things arrive to find we are far from ready. Pete is now on the roof of my new studio trying to solve the problem of the leak as we can't fit it out until that is sorted. The air around him will, no doubt, turn blue and the swearing could get a bit ripe so I have retreated back inside. I have about 30 more herbs to pot on so I am pleased with this progress as I need this job out of the way. I left Rex guarding the newly cleared ground and Fly taking it easy as usual.

I worked late into the night last night as I have an idea for an article that I wanted to try and tie down. Regular readers will know that I am going to the Isle of Eigg in July. I am ridicuously excited about the trip. The island was successfully bought by the residents some years back and they take self sufficiency to a whole new level. I will be writing about many aspects of the island in my time there. However, I have one project that I want to focus on. Eigg Box is an mazing scheme where some of the islanders have raised funds to develop an arts space on the island. The plan is to build workshop/studio space that can be used by the islanders but also rented out for short term residencies. I am meeting one of the project leaders in my time on the island and will report back.

I am very interested in small spaces and I love to see projects where people have re-defined the norms. Linked with my interest in the Eigg Box project is a fascination in 'hutting' in Scotland. Since the 1920s records have shown that the Scots built huts in the forests and used them as 'escape' spaces or even as full time residences. It is a tradition that has been revived in recent times. You can read more about the tradition in an excellent article on the Bright Green website.

There is now a campaign to create 1000 huts back into the Scotland. I have joined this campaign and I want to explore all the existing projects as well as consider the potential relationship between this project and the promotion of arts in Scotland. The Eigg Box will, I think, provide a wonderful example of what can be done. On Arran we have some space set aside by the current Laird for a development of this kind. Armed with more information of inspiring projects I want to give our project on Arran a little nudge. There are so many successful micro arts and crafts businesses on the island but I do feel they are rather forgotten in favour of the larger businesses. This type of project may breathe new energy into the arts and crafts community on the island as well as letting visitors see more of what we do. As an island we do run an excellent open studio week in the summer but the type of project I am talking about would allow arts and craft workers to come together and this can only ever be a good thing. I have a very rough conceptual plan for the article and a couple of publications that I think will be interested in it. I will keep you posted.

My gift of kindness today is for my adorable daughter, Molly. She worked so hard for her exams and as got the marks she truly deserved. We miss her so much when she is away and I like to put together parcels for her. I have started a parcel for her today and it should be with her by the weekend. My little gift for the friend who sadly lost her lovely dog last week arrived safely and she was touched by the gesture so I can show the picture now.

I am off to turn that fabric right side up and see if something rather lovely starts to appear for Mother's Day gifts. We shall see. Until tomorrow. xx

Picture is of a small whirlpool we spotted in a burn last summer. We just sat and watched it for ages. Lovely! xx