Thursday, 14 November 2013

Day 318 - No need to assess....xx

Thursday 14th November

If I remember rightly I struggled to learn to ride a bike.  Back then fear shook my every breath so riding a bike was a real challenge.  I am not that person anymore.  My daughter, Molly, is fearless so I try to be the same.  It works for her so I am thinking it is a good plan for life.  I am using every ounce of my fearless attitude to keep pedalling as fast as I can, mindful that I should probably have let some things go.  The problem I have is what to let go.  My work with the international charities is vital in the wake of the typhoon in the Philippines so that continues to determine my day.  Sprinkled in between is making Christmas crafts for my first market on Saturday.  I have a band of incredibly loyal customers who would be disappointed if I wasn't in my usual place at the market.  Then there is the work for One soul many hearts which has been on respectful hold in the run up to Remembrance Sunday but now needs kicking back into life.  To top it all I had an article with a deadline of today.....

Thankfully, Pete has taken home school all week but I have been seen running from wax pot to Ipad and back again.  As of this moment everything is on track but you just know I am on borrowed time.  I bet you can hear the familiar sound of plates crashing to the ground as I write.  It will so serve me right. 

I am delighted with the continued response to one soul many hearts and submissions are coming in on a daily basis now.  I began the photographic gallery for November on the theme 'Keeping it Real' yesterday and have added more today.  Thank you to Kathy and Sasha for sharing.  There is much more to come with alerts on the one soul many hearts facebook page.  I have also shared a beautiful poem written by a new Lynn!  It can be found on the Creative Words page and is a wonderful acknowledgement of autumn.

My work with international charities is now sharply focused with UNICEF.  These people are doing a remarkable job under very difficult circumstances.  Experienced aid workers are truly shocked by what they are seeing as dead bodies still lie where they fell.  The country's own infrastructure appears to have collapsed and the people are relying on foreign intervention to save them.  UNICEF focuses on the children and that is where my work is also focused.  Aid is beginning to get through and my role is to keep up-to-date information moving so that this disaster stays in the front of our minds.  This is not easy at this time of year but I am truly grateful for all the support received from you guys.  Facebook shares and Twitter Retweets make all this possible and allows the Internet to play its part.  Bloggers from across the globe have also played their part and funds are reaching where they need to be and cargos are on site and on route.  It is a massive operation and also a race against time.  If the people survived the typhoon it is up to us to keep them alive and not let disease set in.  In these situations the young and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.  The news reports are only telling half a story because, on the whole, the reporters have not yet managed to get to some of the worst affected areas.  The aid workers have and the other half of the story is grim.  In these places there is nothing to assess.  These people have lost everything and need everything.  Food, water, sanitation and emergency shelters are just the start.  Putting lives back together is going to take a lot longer.

In between moving this information around I am still making candles and other Christmas goodies and the labelling is underway.  I am pleased with my little homespun collection and I am sure I have a bigger range of products than in other years.  My work space continues to spread outwards as the boys roll their eyes at the mess.  Progress is being made and I am rather amazed by that.  It does show me what is possible! 

I spent last night working on Molly's personal statement for her Masters application and wondering where all the time had gone.  We are all going to have to keep everything crossed for Molly as she has chosen a highly selective course with very few places.  Of course she has....

Until tomorrow. xx