Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 8 - an island shines

Tuesday 8th January We awoke to sunshine on the island and what a difference it makes to everyone. The island is positively gleaming and we had a wonderful walk on the beach. We have had high tides recently so there has been no beach but today was different. I try to get on the beach every day if possible because if I don't I get a bit grumpy. Lovely walk today except for a moment when my naughty Lottie barked at some horses. Whiting Bay beach is actually my favourite beach on the whole island. It is how beaches should be with expansive areas of sand, rock pools and absolutely loads of treasures to collect. I use beach finds for various projects but my favourite is the mosaic hearts I make using sea glass and pottery fragments. Each one is unique and each piece has it's own story. With valentine's day around the corner they are in the front of my mind and have rather shoved my silk project to the back. I have got as far as setting up an inspiration board for my silk work. If you would like a look check out my Pinterest board trees at www.pinterest.com/fionadoubleday/trees/ So new year starts a familiar cycle of crafts projects off. I always introduce new products every season but there some old favourites that are in demand each year. I have a very loyal following of customers on the island and consider myself very fortunate. You may have worked out that home school is not yet underway. The boys are still quite poorly and I never see the point of school when they are ill. George and Max are, however, engaged in a problem solving exercise as they try to set yo their new gaming platform. They have been saving since the summer and, between them, saved approximately £450 for the platform, games and an HD TV. Mummy proud moment!! They earn money through their chores but they also make money from various ventures. George makes beautiful glass beaded jewellery and sells it to local shops and markets. He has quite a customer following as well. Max is our little grower. He works with his mum in the polytunnel and grows herbs to sell through the village shop. They also earn money sorting the sunday newspapers at the village newsagent so they are never short of money. They are all excellent Internet shoppers and know when and where to get all the bargains. A brief text from Molly yesterday to tell me the exam went OK was followed by the usual phone call to see what 'OK' meant! She was slightly annoyed that the questions weren't quite what she hoped for but apart from that all is well. She has had a nutrition exam today and I have already had the text this time saying it went better than expected so that is an improvement. Last one tomorrow. For those of you following my blog you will already know about Molly's relationship to maths so I hope you will smile slightly when I tell you that she informed me that is is Statistics tomorrow but that should be fine!! I am, of course breaking out into a cold sweat at the mere mention of the word. Molly's RSPB placement packs are through as well and I think she is going to love her work there. We have always encouraged the children to get as much work experience as possible, especially as they enter the current job market. Molly will find herself in a very competitive field in conservation so these placements may make all the difference. She has already completed one placement at Forsinard Flows which is about as far north in Scotland as you can go. The other two are both in Scotland as well so she is building up important knowledge and experience in birds in Scotland. I have made her promise that when she starts counting puffins that I want to be there too. You will be pleased to hear that Mimi continues to do well. She adores her fleece igloo bed and retreats in there to sleep now. She is slowly getting to know the house but is still quite nervous about all the space she has to explore. She is a real climber and has already been up to the highest shelves in order to knock things down from a great height so see me jump off the sofa. She clearly likes that game because I have jumped quite a bit in the last couple of days. Minnie continues to stare at her from a distance but there is a quiet tolerance brewing.... So, generally, a good day today with lots more activity and perhaps slightly less coughing and shuffling. I do hope everyone has had lovely days and that the sun shone for you as well. Pic is of Whiting Bay, where else? xx